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Meet Our Team: Adam Greeke

Video Transcription:

I’m Adam. I’m a plumber; I’ve been doing it for 14 years. I do commercial and residential work. I’ve been with Alphalete now for two years, running their commercial job site side.

Alphalete, it’s a family. You work hard, and you get rewarded hard. It’s a different atmosphere here. If you’re struggling, someone will pick you up. Just one big team. One big family.

Alphalete stands out because we take pride in our work. We’re giving you quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Every job we go to, you’re part of our family. So we look after you like that and we get the job done the way you’d like it done. Like I said, I’ve been doing it for 14 years, training, in and out of commercial jobs, in and out of residential jobs.

People can see that when you give them quality work and you give them the right craftsmanship and you know, they pay a reasonable price. They call you back cause you take pride in your stuff.

Alphalete is going to get big. We are pushing our commercial side. We are doing a lot of residential, a lot of service work. Our jobs are all over town. You know, Chuy’s [Tex-Mex Restaurant] to Lazy Dog [Restaurant and Bar] to plasma centers, to schools… anything that we do, we’re out there.

Alphalete Plumbing

Alphalete Plumbing

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